Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Diabetics need a blood glucose meter. This is a small computerized device that is used to measure and display blood glucose level in the body. Many factors such as dietary habits, lifestyle, physical activities, stress, medications, and many other factors can affect your blood glucose level. Using a blood glucose meter always help in managing diabetes via tracking fluctuations caused due to these factors.
Varied types of monitor blood glucose devices are available in India, these days. It is important to choose one that fits your needs and lifestyle.
Right from basic models to more-advanced meters with latest features and options, you can choose from a variety of blood glucose meters and test strips. Here is how to choose the Best Glucometer to test your levels of blood glucose:
Know the Basics
It is important to know the basic prior to choosing a blood glucose meter. This can actually help to understand the basics of how meters function. In order to use blood glucose meters, one must insert one end of a test strip into the device. Thereafter, you need to prick a clean fingertip with lancet to draw a drop of blood. You need to touch the other end of the test strip to the blood and read the blood glucose level that appears on the screen. The readings offered by blood glucose meters are usually accurate. However, these meters can vary in features and functions.
Meters would definitely vary in price. Hence, you need to shop around before finalizing on one. Test strips are the most expensive part of monitoring. Figure out the type of strip that is most cost-effective for you.
User-friendly Features
Make sure you know about the ease of use before investing in a device. The Best Glucometer in India will be comfortable to hold, allows for easy numbers on the screen, drawing bold is easier and takes only a small a drop of blood to give results.
Strictly avoid buying high maintenance monitor blood gulucose device.
Make sure the company gives the best customer care support. They should give you a toll-free number that you can reach out to and offer instant help when needed.
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  1. Thanks for it. But recently i bought one touch ultra easy for my uncle.He was just diagnosed. It gives accurate result in just 5 seconds. Good product!!!

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  2. All imported Products come with high price tag and support issues later. ACE glucometers are manufactured in India with FREE life time support. Regarding accuracy, all meters are almost identical as a lot of patient parameter are responsible for correct values.

  3. I bought an one touch ultra easy for me 1 month ago and it really gives accurate result each time as laboratory test. It has also a huge memory capacity and requires very less amount of blood with is plasma calibrated for h accuracy.

    Anupam Saikia

  4. To choose a best glucose meter online always look at two things:
    1) Brand (well known) like accu chek and one touch
    2) cost per strip

  5. You can also have a look at our site for some more variety - .India's first and only website for senior citizens

  6. Glucometer selection is very important for a diabetic patient. There are so many glucometers available in the market. Onetouch ultraeasy blood glucometer is a trendiest glucometer. I bought it from They are having variety of glucometers available. I selected One Touch because its price was very good and I got 25 free strips also.

  7. Accu-chek active meter is the best amongst all. My uncle is using this and he is getting accurate results. It is easy to hold and very comfortable.

    1. Accu chek Active has been discontinued in the US cos of some of its results not been very accurate due to certain Substances interfering with Accu chek active... They asked everybody one for a Free upgrade.

      Please check the link:

  8. OneTouch UltraEasy Blood Glucose Meter is the latest one and I am using this. I am fully satisfied with this glucometer.It is available at clickoncare.

    1. Hi kavya, I am also using one touch ultra easy glucometer. I bought it from clickoncare, they are having strips for one touch ultra easy meter. Have a look

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