Sunday, July 21, 2013

Diabetes has been termed as one of the most common diseases in today’s time. There are many reasons behind this including our dietary habits, genetics, and a lot more. People diagnosed with diabetes and those above the age of 50 years should undertake regular diabetes test.

In earlier days, a blood Diabetes Test for was considered a painstaking task. However, with the advancement in technology these days, people can undertake this test within the privacy of home. Ignorance can lead to a person's untimely death. These circumstances occur when blood sugar of a patient’s body fails to reach the cells and produce energy owing to a no-response situation to insulin. Now the blood sugar level starts to accumulate in the body. It fails to reach the cells and develops a condition referred to as hyperglycemia. There are certain factors that lead to worsening of this health condition including the following listed below:



Poor dietary habits

When an individual shows symptoms of diabetes, medical practitioners usually recommend them to take a ‘diabetes test’. This is a kind of blood test to detect the blood sugar levels in the body. Many types of blood tests can be carried out to get desired results. The primary of all of these tests is to find out the sugar levels in the blood.

Once an individual is diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to follow a strict diet regime that includes less amount of sugar. Doctors also recommended that the individual should take diabetes test at least once in seven days or fourteen days. This is vital for keeping tabs on the blood sugar level in the blood.


  1. My mother has diabetes since 25 years. So I am afraid of having diabetes. I knew that diabetes will occur due to genetically also. So I bought one touch ultra easy blood glucometer. Some days I check for my diabetes. Since now my sugar level is under control.

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  3. We should consult a doctor before conducting a diabetes check at home. They will give you a proper instruction about the frequency to check sugar levels . If we do regular exercise and controls food then we can reduce the frequency of diabetes check.

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  5. Testing glucose levels at home is very easy if u have a Glucometer. So, choose one best Glucometer and conduct a diabetes test at home.

  6. How to choose best Glucometer?

    1. Before using a glucometer just consult a doctor. He will give you a correct instruction. I am using one touch ultra easy as per my doctor’s suggestion, because it is easy to use and readings will come fast.

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