Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blood sugar testing strips are one of the most important supplies for a diabetic. These are used along with a glucometer to determine the precise levels of blood sugar in the body. Since, these are known to be an expensive affair and a regular investment a diabetic should make in his lifetime, certain factors should be taken into consideration when buying them. Here’s what you must consider:


Since Blood Sugar Testing Strips are very expensive, it is crucial to make sure you research well before buying them. Making an extensive research prior to investing in these strips is vital especially if you wish to save money. Also buy it in bulk whenever a reputed company offers schemes and sale offers. This will save you a lot of money.

Brand Name

Of course, brand and reputation of a company matters a lot when buying diabetic sugar test strips. The strips need to be efficient and of high quality in order to make them ensure accurate results. So buying from a reputed brand name really matters. A reputed company will offer you a slightly better selection of meters and strips.


Know how effective and functional these strips are. Go for the latest technology by reputed brand names. Look for what the generic ones are offering you.


Buying in bulk really helps. This saves you a lot of money and time. Many companies offer discounts on bulk buying. You need to look for these offers regularly online. This will help you know about websites selling high quality strips at lower prices.

Expiration Date

Most people don’t check expiration dates before buying diabetes test strips in bulk. It is crucial to check the date because strips past the expiration date will not give accurate results.


  1. I am having diabetes since so many years. I am using one touch ultra easy glucometer, usually I will buy test strips through online. having test strips with a good offer price. I bought two packets of test strips with a good offer.

    1. Hi Neenu I am also buying test strips from only. They are having more no of products.I like clickoncare.

    2. They are having so many women hygienic products also.

    3. Hi Neenu, do they have one touch ultra easy glucometer for discounted price?

  2. Test strips will play a vital role when testing glucose levels. So, be careful when u r buying test strips and definitely check expiry period and see brand name also.

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